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The Gate Middle is the business center of choice for sophisticated entrepreneurs. Offering a business – corporate environment and a select clientele, we are a high-end business center in Dubai.


Our Purpose

Everything we do, we believe in empowering every client to achieve more business goals with the least time wasted. We do this by making our services time-effective, simple to manage and user-friendly with absolute respect for our Clients’ time.

Our Vision

We aim to help our Clients fulfill their operational business needs with zero time wasted.

Our Mission

Is to improve operational efficiency with continuous technology upgrades, continuous staff development and simplification of all processes.

Accessible. Driven. Diverse.

Our team of expert community managers, executives and hospitality staff are committed to support our client's office, meeting room and workspace needs.


We operate in the background with the goal of providing the most productive work experience in the Downtown Dubai office market.

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